Standards for Success in Business

“Become a globally recognized company, known for our community impact and expertise.”

This is our mission statement at Quantum. Everything we do here falls under the goal of fulfilling our mission. We want to be known globally as experts, problem solvers, and servants. We care deeply about community, and we strive to have a specific, positive impact.

We believe that every good company should have a decided set of values that makes up who they are. Values to guide and remind the company of their standards as well as the “why” behind their chosen way of doing things.

For us at Quantum, we have two sets of standards to align with our mission statement. We call these our Core Values and Core Purposes.


Core Values

These are the groundwork of our company culture, and expectations for our teams to follow. Our decision making, team dynamics, and goals are derived from these values.

“Attitude of Servitude”

We believe that serving others shapes our culture and defines who we are.  We believe if we do the right thing, just because it’s the right thing to do, we will be successful by default.

“Belief in the Individual”

 We believe in the supreme worth of the individual, as well as their personal ability to succeed in what they do. This value is what fosters trust within the organization.

“All in the Same Boat”

We believe in the power of shared experience and shared goals. There should never be cases of “Us vs. Them” and solutions are found collaboratively.


Core Purposes (Five Be’s)

These are 5 clear actions that all employees can do to ensure we fulfill our mission statement and live within our core values.

“Be Servants”

We serve each other and those around us, and do not view ourselves as above or better than others.

“Be Disruptive”

We do not live or work in a box. We are energized by innovation, solutions, and new ideas. We are not afraid to rock the boat.

“Be Fun”

We have fun with all we do. If we are happy, we will be more effective.

“Be Experts”

While we are experts in our fields, we are not satisfied with cursory knowledge. We aim to be experts in all things we are involved in. This is an ongoing process. It encourages continuous growth and improvement, regardless of how far we’ve come.

“Be Knowledge Givers”

As we become experts, we share knowledge and expertise freely with those around us, in order to raise the average and support those around us. This includes our coworkers, suppliers, competitors, and community.


As a company, we look to these standards as the basis for all of our actions. This extends to how we behave externally with our customers as well as internally with our coworkers and teammates. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built by holding to our values, and we have learned maintaining such a reputation requires this work to be done in every area of our lives.

What are your core standards and what do you do to uphold them?


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