We serve. We educate. We create solutions.

Quantum’s behavior is dictated by a single core principle: Attitude of Servitude. It directs our operations, shapes our culture, and defines who we are.

Quantum Creating Solutions
Quantum Creating Solutions
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Quantum Creating Solutions

Quantum is
to these
core values
and core purposes.

Attitude of Servitude

We believe that serving others shapes our culture and defines who we are.

Belief in the Indivudual

We believe in the supreme worth of the individual.

All in the Same Boat

We believe in the power of shared experience and shared goals.

Be Knowledge Givers

We are experienced in the nuances of creating the highest quality coatings on virtually all equipment.

Be Servants

Our purpose is to serve. It benefits our employees, our company, and our partners.

Be Disruptive

We are independent, agile, and adapt to your changing needs with unrivaled speed.

Be Fun

Having fun at work is serious business. It’s a critical component of our culture.

Be Experts

We don’t use jargon to make us seem like experts; we are experts, and we’re confident in that.

INnovation at Quantum

Reimagining AR Coatings