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Latest News

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  • 06/15/18 - The Virtues of Locking Your Keys in Your Car

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  • 06/01/18 - Never Underestimate the Power of a Doughnut

    It's the little things.   We've had a great week: unexpected new opportunities, wonderful new... Read More >

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What do our customers have to say?

"The one surprise for which I was not prepared was the speed and level of support your company offers. Like most companies, we try to fix things ourselves. When we call for support, we really need it. When we have called Quantum it has typically been late in the week and an emergency. The response we got was nothing short of incredible."

Charlie Foell
NVI, VP Mfg. + Dist.

"From the products we purchase to the AR coating processes we use, Quantum has provided us with the best possible quality. Quantum has proven to be a very strong partner for our company and we look forward to many more years of collaboration."

Marco Machado
Director General, Augen Opticos, S.A.

"Through my experiences with different vendors throughout my career I have learned to appreciate competency, innovation, and commitment in the teams that we associate with. Your organization demonstrated all three, and a high degree of customer service."

Paul Staab
Director | VSPOne Olympia | VSPOne Hawaii