Used Machines

Satis 280X

280-X, Satisloh’s new generation lens coating machine, presents the fastest box coater for AR (anti-reflective) and/or mirror lens coatings of mid-volume labs.


Year: 2013

Service status: in service at customer

Maintenance status: Maintained by Quantum

Cost: $200,000

Satis 1200 TLF

1200-DLX-2 vacuum box coater, for high-volume anti-reflective or mirror coating lens production. The coating machine, designed to meet the high throughput requirements, coating reliability, and energy efficiency of large labs and stock lens production.


Service status: in use at Quantum for R&D

Cost: $195,000

Leybold 1105 — Dome

Year:  1998

Service status: Refurbished by Quantum

Cost: $195,000

Leybold CHC60 S3

Year: 2015

Service status: Quantum

Maintenance status: Maintained by Quantum

Cost: $65,000

Satis T-10

Year: 2013

Service status: Quantum

Maintenance Status: Maintained by Quantum

Cost: $25,000

Our design team can work with you to identify the optimum AR or hard coat design for your system.