A series of wet load, chemical cleaning, heating, ultrasonic and drying stages to deliver exceptional, right first-time cleaning. Fully automated transfer system comes complete with specific tooling, either standard or bespoke designed to match your product requirements. Class 100 HEPA filtration and extraction as standard

The Right Solution.

With the range of lens size, shape, use, and technology continuously evolving, our selection of CHC systems provides a variety of throughput options and can be tailored to suit a customer’s individual needs; from standard lenses and smart glasses to safety glasses and specialist visors.

Powerful Cleaning.

Capacities from 20 to 1,200 lenses per hour, based on the customer’s individual process requirements. Each available system is fitted with adjustable ultrasonic power frequencies depending on the application, gently scrubbing the surface with millions of microscopic cleaning implosions.

Trusted Partner.

With over 20 years’ experience in providing cleaning and hard coating systems to the Ophthalmic industry, we pride ourselves in the relationships we build with our customers, providing long-term partnerships throughout the lives of their equipment.

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Global Leaders in Ultrasonic Optical Lens Cleaning and Hard Coating Systems

Optimal Technologies is known globally as the leading supplier of complete, compact cleaning and coating systems within the Ophthalmic industry, providing systems to some of the world’s best-known lens manufacturing companies regardless of their location.


Quantum’s highly knowledgeable and experienced team members provide customers with the confidence that each system is built with expertise.

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