The Quantum Difference

When you hire Quantum, you’re not hiring a coating company; you’re partnering with people–the only people in the industry who do what we do, like we do. We create solutions grounded in honesty, integrity, a sincere heart for others, and years of successful application.


We won’t sell you something you don’t need.

We won’t tell you what you want to hear to get your business.

We will treat you with kindness, respect, and transparency.


It’s the way it should be.

When You Win, We Win

Since 2002, Quantum has been leading by example, demonstrating year-after-year that there’s a better way to do business, a better way to create world-class products and cultivate a culture that serves partners and employees alike. We don’t stop until you win. It’s a promise.


We provide an integrated approach to improving your processes and increasing your customer satisfaction through:


  • The innovative nature of our products, from coating equipment to lab supplies
  • Customer-specific process development for equipment already in place
  • Our problem-solving capabilities

From our state-of-the-art vacuum coating equipment to our lens cleaning products, we have created a new atmosphere of product reliability and functionality. We don’t just solve problems; we create solutions.

Team Quantum

Stacie Grier

Customer Training

Sheri Cote

Customer Service

Tim Pritchett

Sales Manager

Marcus Reese


Cloris Leffler

Customer Service