It’s safe to say that, as humans, health is a pretty important thing to keep at the top of our priority list. Be it physical, mental, emotional, etc., the status of our health can have massive impacts on how we function.

At Quantum, we’ve decided to place an equally high level of importance on our company health. This extends to areas like our culture, finances, interpersonal relationships, team dynamics, and more. We’ve learned that, just like humans, if your company is not healthy your day-to-day function will suffer.

In light of that, here are 3 specific ways that we choose to invest in the health of Quantum.

1. Team Peer Reviews (Quarterly)

Quantum is made up of 6 different teams, all of which participate in these reviews. Each employee fills out an assessment for their teammates and then meets offsite to discuss the results as a group. This discussion is meant to be a fun time to get out of the office and into a more relaxed setting where intentional conversation can take place. It is a time to commend and uplift your teammates, as well as an opportunity to address certain behaviors that may need attention. One should never be blindsided by the comments they receive at Peer Reviews. (Meaning that if you call attention to specific behavior on someone’s review, it’s expected that you have already spoken to them about the matter in the office at least once prior). Individuals may ask clarifying questions on what they receive, but are not allowed to make excuses for or rebut their evaluations. This allows for the conversation to stay respectful and growth-focused. It also fosters a sense of trust between teammates to remember that commentary is not given to put you down, but rather to raise your self awareness and help you become better.

2. Companywide Happiness Surveys (Bi-Annual)

This anonymous survey asks questions of all the employees about their general everyday happiness at the company. The questions are thoughtfully created and discussed by management in order to prompt fruitful responses. The survey is always followed up by an all-employee meeting to discuss the results together and discern how to best utilize that information moving forward.

3. Manager’s Offsites (Bi-Annual)

These offsites are 2-3 day long meetings for our management and leadership teams. Their objective at the offsites are to refocus the goals and efforts of Quantum as well as discuss any pertinent current events that might impact the company.

How does this even help?

The Peer Reviews and Happiness Surveys support the company’s emotional health by providing opportunities to encourage and practice healthy communication. In both “peer to peer” and “staff to management” interactions, these conversations are structured to be helpful, productive, and respectful. Condescending, aggressive, or dismissive comments are not tolerated.

The Manager’s Offsites assist in maintaining corporate health by regularly dedicating time for discussions on how to improve the company. Comments from the Happiness Survey can be reviewed during this time as well to determine new direction moving forward that will benefit everyone at Quantum. At the end of the day, however, this gathering puts action behind the promise to uphold our company values described in our Core Purposes (see homepage of our website). It requires management to pause their busy day-to-day work and funnel their energy solely into determining that will grow our company and prevent us from becoming stagnant as a corporation.

These methods are not mandatory in order for a business to be successful, but in our 21 years of business, we have seen unparalleled advantages to doing these three things regularly. Just like any other area of our lives, having regular checkups is the best way to catch issues early on before they become catastrophes that could have been avoided.

Does your company have something unique they do to keep your organization happy and healthy?

If you would like to learn more about any of our methods of maintaining company health, free to email us at

Keep doing great things!


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