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Rough Pump Oil Cooling System

An AFFORDABLE Option That Cools Rough Pump Oil by Approximately 20° C!

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Rough Pump Cooling System
An AFFORDABLE Option That Cools Rough Pump Oil by Approximately 20° C!*
Quantum’s Rough Pump Cooling System is a user installable solution for pump overheating and excess environmental heat associated with systems that use Leybold / Oerlikon TRIVAC B Series roughing pumps.
This sytem is designed to facilitate water cooling of roughing pump oil by approximately 20°C (68°F)*. This can be especially beneficial for roughing pumps installed in tight locations with inadequate air circulation.
Oil exposed to high temperatures can experience permanent deterioration even within specifications.
Oil deterioration leads to reduction in fluid viscosity, which increases heat even further. Additionally, there is a greater occurance of oil mist leading to oxydation and sludge build up. These factors can lead to pump failure, accelerated component wear, more frequent maintenance and expense.
Reducing oil temperature by 20°C even within normal ranges can prevent excessive oil degredation and component wear.
A small investment can save you money by increasing the life of your pump’s components. This will reduce expenses related to maintenance, component replacement, time and low pump efficiency. Reducing heat from the pump can also prevent undue environmental heat load and the systems used to maintain it.
Basic Specifications:
Designed to fit Oerlikon /Leybold TRIVAC B series pumps, and may fit additional models
Simple install with minimal tool requirements
Cools rough pump oil by approxiamately 20°C
Maintenance Free
Requires closed circuit water chiller utilizing corrosion inhibitor
Multiple units can be connected to the same water chiller utilizing a series or parallel configuration to simplify connections
Unit can be left attached to pump without water supply unless environment will not allow air cooling
*Results will vary depending upon pump application, enviromental conditions and water supply temperature settings.
https://qtmi.net/media/pdf/Pump_Oil_Cooling_System_lr.pdf Rough Pump Oil Cooling System Sell Sheet

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