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An ionizing air (anti-static) gun combines air ionization with a stream of compressed gas (air). It makes it possible to both clean and neutralize electrostatically charged items. By neutralizing
the charges, particles will no longer be attracted to the surface.

The flow of air that comes from the unit is composed of both positive and negative air ions. Directing this flow at a lens that has a static charge will neutralize the charge and clear the item
of dust particles. The gun can use dry compressed air up to 100 PSI.

To produce the ions within the air stream, a low current, high voltage transformer energizes a cartridge adjacent to the air outlet.


Before a lens is placed into the chamber of an AR coating machine, it must be free of all particulate material. Dry compressed air is good at removing debris from the lens, but if there is an electric charge on the surface of the lens, it will attract dust particles between the time it is cleaned and when it enters the chamber. For this reason, an ionizing air gun is used. The ions remove the charge on the lens, helping to keep particles from being drawn to its surface.


Operation differs slightly depending on the style of unit that you have.

  • Table-top version: hold the lens in front of the sensor to activate the stream of ionized air.
  • Hand-held version: Hold the gun 2-12 inches in front of the lens and pull the trigger.

The operation of the trigger, and the setting of the thumb wheel below it, will determine the amount and pressure of the ionized air coming out of the gun.

Regardless of the model, a side-to-side motion should be used to clear the surface.


See manufacturer’s manual/specification.  For the hand-held Simco ionizing air gun, there are two maintenance items:

  1. Every month the ion emitter should be cleaned to remove the build-up of debris on the emitter point.
    1. To clean the point, first disconnect the power to the unit.
    2. Carefully use a cotton swab moistened with alcohol to remove any foreign matter. Make sure that there is no cotton left on the point and that it is fully dried before turning the unit back on.
    3. Inspect the point to make sure that it is neither bent nor rounded.
  2. The compressed air filter/nozzle assembly needs to be replaced once the filter material inside of it has turned red. The filter can be seen through the slot in the top of the gun.
    1. The filter/nozzle can be removed by inserting a small flat blade screwdriver between the clear filter housing and the gray locking ring and prying it off. It should take very little force to remove it.
    2. Press the new unit into the front of the gun.

Specifications: Simco Hand-held Ionizing Air Gun

  • Input Power: 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.05 Amps
  • Input Pressure: 100 PSI max
  • Air Consumption: 7.4 scfm at max pressure