Q Academy


Making sure that the coating produced meets intended specifications is very important to your lab’s success. It is this evaluation process that will ensure that your customers are receiving the high quality product they deserve, while both building and protecting your name in the marketplace as a maker of high quality products.

This starts at the install phase and continues after our Process Engineers have departed your facility.

Following best practices and procedures is the surest way to a quality product, but it is equally important to perform daily testing to catch any issues that may occur with process quality.

Our objective is to get in front of any potential issues that could result in coating quality falling out of acceptable specifications. Your assistance with the program is extremely important. We ask that you complete the QA tests and report results to Quantum DAILY.

Daily monitoring of coating quality will lead to fewer returns and maintain the integrity of your lab and its brand in the market place.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Several standard operating procedures (SOP’s) will be utilized to carry out the quality assurance program. These SOP’s provide step-by-step procedures to follow for completing tests and recording results. In some instances, there is a video reference available. SOP’s needed for daily testing include:

  • Overcoat Removal
  • Calibrating a Spectrophotmeter
  • Proper Use of a Spectrophotometer
  • Measuring a Coating Using a Spectrophotmeter
  • Salt Water Boil Test (SWB)
  • Tape Pull Test
  • RHS-45 Solutions Management

Some vendor procedures may be needed depending upon the equipment used in your lab.