What Are You Looking At?

I believe in being thankful.

I love what Zig Ziglar says about gratefulness: “Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining—it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn’t solve any problems.”

It’s popular on Pinterest boards and in pithy bumper-sticker philosophy to extol the virtues of thankfulness, but how often do we wake up just being thankful that we woke up? How often are we genuinely thankful for the place we live, the work we do, the things we have? The people in our lives?

Just as popular as the faux thankfulness of Pinterest is the underlying narcissism of Instagram: look at what I have, look at what I am doing, look at where I am going. It makes me wonder: even as we showcase our blessings, are we thankful for them, or are we focused on the posts of others, sadly asking ourselves why we aren’t doing what they are doing or going where they’re going? Are we grateful or are we envious? How does the decision between the two influence who we are as human beings?

There are two immutable laws that work together to create who you are: The Law of Cognition and The Law of Exposure.

The Law of Cognition states that you are what you think about. You are the sum of your thoughts.

The Law of Exposure states that you think about those things to which you’re exposed. That means you think about the things you’re looking for, and guess what? You always find what you are looking for.

If you’re looking for things to complain about, you’ll find them. If you’re looking for things to be thankful for, yep, you’ll find them, too.

By extension then, if you are what you think about and you think about what you’re exposed to, YOU ARE WHAT YOU LOOK FOR.

Life is an equal opportunity experience; all of us are surrounded with blessings and difficulties at the same time, all the time. It’s our choice--our responsibility—to focus on the blessings.

Indeed, it’s essential for our health—mental, emotional, spiritual, even physical—to seek out reasons to be thankful; science has proven it. It’s critical that we focus daily on those things which bless us and be thankful for them. It dictates the trajectory of our lives.

So, why am I writing about this? Because it occurred to me that I’m surrounded by people who make it easy for me to be thankful every day. I have the opportunity to look at the people who work at Quantum, and I am so thankful because I am becoming more like them every day: passionate, intelligent, fun, and generous servant leaders who knock it out of the park, day in and day out.

One of those people is Paula Lawson.

For more than a decade, Paula has worked hard to make Quantum what it is today. It’s no exaggeration to say that it couldn’t have been done without her. This week, Paula was rightfully voted One of the Most Influential Women in Optical by Vision Monday.

2018 Influential Women in Optics

During her 14 years with the company, Paula has been instrumental in helping it grow rapidly while making sure our values were never compromised. I’m proud of her accomplishments, and I’m grateful to have her on the Quantum team. I’ll say it directly: Thank you, Paula.

There are dozens of people at Quantum that are just like Paula, and I’m thankful for every single one of them. I’m excited about the prospect of writing about each one of them as they grow with Quantum.

So, who are you? What are you exposed to? What are you thinking about? What are you thankful for? What are you looking at?