Make Your World Brighter

Isn't it time we start talking about AR coating in a better way? A more accurate way? A more positive way?

It's time to let the light shine in with Light Enhancing Technology.

You already know that everything reflects light. And you know that while RX lenses allow the wearer to focus, they also reflect light. But we know that light can be enhanced. Shouldn't we be talking about making the world more visible instead of keeping things out? Help your customers bring the best light to their eyes, and actually, truly improve their world. Your customers are missing out, and together we have the power to change that.

LET Light Enhancing Technology can increase light to the eye more than 98%. Light Enhancing Technology can reduce eye strain from digital devices. Light Enhancing Technology can reflect unwanted light from the eye, and make the world sharper, clearer, and a lot brighter. Your customer trusts you to deliver this message.

So, let's talk about it. It's A Really Big Thing.

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