PRESS RELEASE: Quantum Innovations Unveils Fusion-M at Vision Expo East


Date: March 31, 2012
Contact: Tim Pritchett
Phone: (541) 608-7772

Unity-MThe Fusion-M In-Line Coating System (patent pending) is the newest innovation from Quantum. Referred to as a “disruptive technology”, a phrase coined by Harvard Business School professor Clayton M. Christensen to explain “a new technology that unexpectedly displaces an established technology”, the Fusion-M is poised to redefine the coating process in the ophthalmic industry.

The Fusion-M is a sharp contrast to the ophthalmic industry’s current and prevalent box coating/batch processing methodology. The Fusion-M provides the ultimate flexibility of applying a process on one lens at a time; this means you can apply AR on both sides of the lens, as an example, and then a completely different process (such as mirror on front and AR on back) on the next lens. This allows a lab to process any coating request without the need to wait until enough orders have accumulated to fill a large batch. This also allows orders to be completed more quickly and without the need to outsource orders to a third party.

Another unique feature of the Fusion-M is its quick startup and shutdown times.  Production can begin less than seven minutes after powering the machine on. Many box coaters can require 30-45 minutes before being production ready. In addition to faster start times, this allows the Fusion-M to be more efficient and require far less energy consumption, which may provide additional cost savings.

Due to its small footprint (36”d x 40”w x 70”h), order specific in-line production flexibility, and efficient power consumption, Fusion-M creates opportunities for individual practices that did not exist previously.

A veteran-owned company, founded in 2002, Quantum Innovations has its headquarters in Central Point, Oregon.  Quantum is motivated by two principles that define and direct how we treat our customers and suppliers, as well as how we interact with one another. “Attitude of Servitude” and “Virtuous Cycles” not only impact our operations, they shape our culture and define who we are as a company. April 2012 marks Quantum’s 10th Anniversary.

We strive to create value-based, customer-centered products. From our state-of-the-art vacuum coating equipment to our lens cleaning products, we have created a new atmosphere of product reliability and functionality.

Quantum - we are Light Years Ahead!

Quantum Innovations invites you view our website at for more information, or call 888.268.3414 if you have questions or comments.


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