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About Quantum

Welcome to Quantum!

Quantum Innovations is helping the ophthalmic industry see better solutions by creating value-based, customer-centered products and solutions. Quantum is a company of innovation, specializing in UV (ultraviolet) and AR (anti-reflective) coating technology and support for the ophthalmic industry, including the new FusionM® in-line coating system.

Quantum has been growing at a very aggressive pace. "The next three years will see us double in size. Our hope is that through this, we stay true to our to our core principles and remain one of the best places to work in Oregon. Our people and our culture will make this possible." -Norm Kester, President.

We are striving to make you and your customers happier.  

What Makes Quantum Different?

We are able to provide an integrated approach to improving your processes and increasing your customer satisfaction through:

  • The innovative nature of our products, from coating equipment to lab supplies
  • Customer-specific process development for equipment already in place
  • Our problem-solving capabilities

Our corporate culture and the standards we hold ourselves to provide better results and solutions for you and your customers. From our state-of-the-art vacuum coating equipment to our lens cleaning products, we have created a new atmosphere of product reliability and functionality. We don't just solve problems, we create solutions.

Take a look around, sample some of our products and services, and find out why our customers say we are "Light Years Ahead".

Company Culture

A veteran-owned company, founded in 2002, Quantum Innovations has its headquarters in Central Point, Oregon. Quantum is motivated by two principles that define and direct how we treat our customers and suppliers, as well as how we interact with one another. "Attitude of Servitude" and "Virtuous Cycles" not only impacts our operations, they shape our culture and define who we are as a company.

Attitude of Servitude
As the name suggests, Attitude of Servitude is the idea of putting others first, much like what is communicated in "The Golden Rule". It's not getting hung up on titles or positions, but doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done simply because it needs to be done. It's doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

Virtuous Cycles

Virtuous Cycles is taking the Attitude of Servitude and applying it to the business model. We believe that by doing the right thing, simply because it's the right thing, will pay its own benefits. It benefits our employees, our company, our standards and success. We fully embrace this mentality of service, even if there is not going to be an immediate or monetary benefit. Movies and culture have summed the idea up with the phrase "Pay It Forward". We look at it as just doing the right thing.

While you may think this is simply "marketing speak" and sounds great on a website or a brochure, but you're probably thinking,  "...do you REALLY do these things?"

Our reply:

  1. We'd suggest you check out what some of our customers say – the folks who have been the benefactors of these principles.
  2. We invite you to let us prove to you that these are much more than "corporate slogans" engraved in a plaque that never gets looked at. Rather they are the things that we believe make us different and set us "Light Years Ahead".

Our employees are empowered by our corporate structure which is similar to a lattice organization. In a lattice structure, individual authority and credibility are based upon proven skill or a history of contribution rather than an assigned title. Leadership evolves based on knowledge, skill, experience or capability in the particular activity in which a team is involved.

Each person at Quantum interacts directly with every other person and teams, departments or groups formulate their own plans of action rather than having them dictated to them. Each employee self-commits to projects or responsibilities and sets their daily priorities according to the overall priorities of the company. Additionally, our departments regularly engage one another through the use of peer evaluations.

As a result of this positive work environment, Quantum Innovations, Inc. has been recognized among the Top 100 Businesses to work for in Oregon as determined by Oregon Business Magazine.

Life In Southern Oregon
ophthalmic lab consulting

Life in Southern Oregon is an experience like no other. Nestled between majestic Crater Lake, the towering Redwoods of Northern California, the beauty of the Southern Oregon Coast and a picturesque view of Mt. McLaughlin out our window, we are able to take time to appreciate the quality of life that Southern Oregon offers.

In addition to the scenic adventures of the Rogue Valley, we also value the cultural events including the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, the Britt Festival in Jacksonville, the diverse regional restaurants and the lush Rogue Valley wine country.

Things to See

Some of our favorite things to do and see.

Cultural Interests


Some of our favorite places to eat.

Just For Fun

Some of the places we like to go just to have fun.

About Our Company Founder
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Quantum Innovations, Inc. was founded by our current President Norm Kester.

Norm was born in Germany, grew-up as an Army brat moving every couple years, but calls Minnesota home.

He currently lives in Rogue River, Oregon with his Wife Tammy and three children Alese, Gabe and Ben. He has come to love it here and thinks it is a beautiful place to live with a lot to offer the person who enjoys the outdoors.

Norm enjoys fishing, golf or really any game or sport. He is a Minnesota Vikings and Minnesota Twins fan.

Norm, his family and Quantum support a number of charitable causes from St. Jude’s on the national level to New Hope Christian School in Grants Pass. He is most proud of a program at Quantum where we match the charitable giving of our employees. This has helped to support local charities as well as national and international giving.

Norm is also an active member of regional business groups seeking to advance local economic opportunities and provide students with career exploration and skill development. He recently represented the manufacturing sector with a presentation at the 11th Annual Southern Oregon Business Conference sponsored by Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development, Inc. (SOREDI). Additionally, Norm is serving as as the chair of the Southern Oregon High Performance Enterprise Consortium (SOHPEC).

More about Norm:


United States Navy

  • Advanced Electronics-Electronics Engineer
  • Mainframe Computer Systems, Communication Systems

Edwards Vacuum

    • Advanced Vacuum Practice

Institute of Optics

    • Optical Thin Film Coating Technology
    • Coating Design


    • Basic Vacuum Practice
    • Advanced Vacuum Practice
    • Anti-reflective Coating Theory Related to Ophthalmic Applications
    • Ion Plasma, Ion Plasma Density and Thin Film Adhesion
    • Electron Beam Gun Theory and Application
    • Thin Film Deposition Parameters, Their Interdependencies and the Related Effects of Variability


Satis Vacuum, Inc.
Director of Technical Services

Satis Vacuum, Inc.

Satis Vacuum of America
Vice President

Quantum Innovations, Inc.
Design AR, Mirror, UV, HEV Coatings for Ophthalmic Applications. 64 Ophthalmic Laboratories using VSP Approved, Quantum Designed Coatings. Design and Manufacture Vacuum Coating Equipment Specializing in Ophthalmic Applications.

Norm is a wealth of knowledge and the driving force behind Quantum’s truly forward thinking and innovative solutions for the ophthalmic coating industry. His experience and understanding of coating theory, design and application are well respected in the industry.